What to do when an accident occurs in the workplace – under the polish law

Steps to take when an injury happens at work

  1. providing an injured employee quickly treatment is critical.

Every workplace is legally obligated to have a first aid kit and a designated first aider. After the accident, first aider must assess injuries and consider whether an injured employee should be taken to the hospital. In an emergency situation, it is crusial to call 911.

2. Each single accident must be reported.

Employers should speak with an injured employee and witnesses of the accident. It is important to take a statement from employees, make photos where the accident took place, and secure the scene.

If there has happened fatal accident at work, employer is required to inform the Regional Labour Inspector and Prosecutor.

Employer is reguired to appoint a special post – accident team to investigate circumstances of emergency at work. The team can be composed of:

a) the safety oficer and social labour inspector, or

b) employer either employee entrusted with the health&safety duties or specialist from outside the institution.

Post – accident panel of experts is obligated:

– carry out visual inspection of machines, protective devices, working conditions and other circumstances which caused accident,

– listen explanations of an injured employee and witnesses,

– make legal categorisation of accident,

– draw up Accident Protocol within 14 days of incydent notification. Accident Protocol is presented to employer and an injured employee. The content of the Protocol should be approved and signed by both sides. Employee has the right to submit comments. In that event, panel of experts is obligated to review  accident documentary, make explanations and prepare new Accident Protocol.

– set up preventative measures.

Employer is required to keep a record of accidents, which contains:

  1. name and surname of an injured employee,

2. place and date of accident,

3. information on the consequences of an accident,

4. date of preparing Accident Protocol,

5. statement whether this is an accident,

7. date of apply request to social insurance institution for compensation in the event of an accident at work,

8. number of days of incapacity for work.