Under the polish law employers are responsible for health and safety management

Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or manager, you have to pay attention to the health&safety issues and your place in it if you want to be successful.

According to the labour code, as an employer you are responsible for health&safety management. It is an employer’s duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees and other people who might be affected by their business.

Under the law employer must:

  • Organize work safely,
  • Ensure that health&safety principles are respected in practice,
  • Take corrective actions to resolve the health&safety deficiencies,
  • Control execution of instruction,
  • Respond to health&safety needs in the organisation,
  • Prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases,
  • Protect young workers, disabled workers, pregnant and breastfeeding employees,
  • Execute the commands of health&safety Supervisory authority.

Employer shall bear all costs associated with the health, safety and welfare of employees.

Both, employer and manager/ supervisor should be familiar with the safety pronciples and rules.

Employers must give employees information about the risks in their workplace and how they are protected, also instruct and train them on how to deal with the risks.

Employers have duties according to the labour code to assess risks in the workplace. Risk assessments is a thorough look at workplace to identify those things, situations, processes that may cause harm, particularly to people.

Employer is obligated to take the necessary measures for first aid, fire – fighting and evacuation of workers.

Informations about staff member appointed for first aid, fire – fighting and evacuation of workers shall include names and surnames, workplace, contact phone numer.

Place of employment must be fitted with essential first aid installations and equipment and be easily accessible for staff members.

It is also necessary to equipped workplace with extinguishers.

Employees should receive health&safety instructions/ manuals.

In case of an emergency, employees can stop doing their job and get to the designated safety zones.