Rights and Obligations of Employees under the polish law

According to the labour code, as an employee you must respect following health&safety rules:

  1. Be familiar with the safety regulations and rules.

Take part in health and safety trainings, theoretical and practical instructions.

Pass health&safety tests.

  1. To do your job according to the health&safety regulations.

Comply with the manager’s / supervisor’s commands.

  1. Keep your workplace / workspace tidy.

Follow the intructions/ manuals for use machinery and other equipments.

  1. Use personal protective equipment (PPE) in the way you were trained and instructed to use it
  2. To undergo any medical examinations arranged by the company.
  3. Report injuries and unsafe and unhealthy situations to your manager/ supervisor. Alert fellow employees.
  1. Cooperate with employer and manager / supervisor on the improvement of the working environment.
  2. To give all proper aid when an accident occurs or an imminent danger threatens life or property in the place of work without endangering your safety and health.
  3. In an emergency you have the right to stop doing your job.

You are entitled move away from danger area but at the same time you have to inform manager / supervisor about your decision.

You can’t face consequences of work interruptions.

You have the right to get wage for period of non doing job.